About Us

The Academy Gym

At the Academy Gym we are fully equipped with all you need to achieve and surpass your health and fitness goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, fitness, sports specific or general health our gym is equipped to help you on your path.

A range of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, cross trainers, stationary bikes and rowing machines. Resistance and cable machines to train all body parts in a safe and controlled manner, ideal for beginners to experienced users. Full sets of free weight training equipment including racks, power cages, benches, Olympic barbells, as well as dumbbells.

Your membership at the Academy Sport and Fitness club includes the use of all of the above and includes access to fitness classes (Bootcamp, H.I.I.T, Box Fit, TRX and much more..) You will also get a personalized gym program from one of our highly qualified trainers.

We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and non-intimidating. Fully qualified gym instructors and personal trainers are on hand to help you. A range of paid services including personal training, sports injury clinic and sports psychology coaching is available.  We offer both great value memberships and Pay As You Go options.

The Basketball Court is available to rent for €55 euro per Hour. The court is 24 meters in length and has breakaway rims also. There are many basketballs and cones etc, at the gym for use as well so the court is perfect for team practice, skills or just a simple scrimmage 5v5 . The court is also available to rent out to other sports also such as volleyball, indoor frisbee, Indoor soccer and even for classes with a need for big floor space.